Tricked out closets are trendy, but not necessary.

It’s natural to favor the more aesthetically-pleasing properties, when shopping for a home. However, you may want to base your decision on the underlying features and value of the home.  This includes elements like plumbing, wiring and the roof of any potential home. 

As a home buyer, it is important that you focus on value over the bells and whistles that can distract from a home’s drawback. Many of these bells and whistles are inexpensive to replicate, so you shouldn’t pay more for them and you shouldn’t base you homebuying decision on them. While you may like them, that does not mean the next buyer will.  As a result, you might end up selling for a loss. 

While you may have a list of “must-haves” for your new home, it is important to be flexible and consider the big picture. It is to get caught up in the smaller details, but, before turning down a house because the faucets are out of date, consider which projects are quick fixes. 


Speaking of faucets. If you are looking at a kitchen on bathroom with outdated hardware, don’t let these cosmetic features be a deciding factor. Updating your bathrooms and kitchens with new hardware, like door handles, switch plate covers, vent covers, cabinet knobs and pulls, towel racks and wall hooks, only require a traditional screwdriver, and the effects can really refresh a space. 


Crystal chandeliers are all the rage right now, followed by pendant lights.  Instead of taking the time to admire the light fixture, examine the electrical wiring behind it. Don’t be swayed by a beautiful light fixture. 


Crown moulding, chair railing, and other types of millwork add architectural detail to a home, but they should not add to the price you are willing to pay for the home. Crown moulding provides detail, but you can add it yourself.


Fancy garage doors look great and add a sense of luxury, but don’t cost much. In fact, it is the #1 value component for increasing the sales price. Whether it’s wood or painted to look like real wood. This is great news for sellers, and it is need-to-know information for buyers.


It is standard for the majority of builders to use factory cabinets. Some of these cabinets may look nice from a distance, but they’re actually mass-produced for cheap and then sold locally as custom cabinets.  We recommend feeling the material of the cabinet and hardware to tell the difference.  As long as the cabinets are in good shape, new doors, new hardware or a fresh coat of paint can make them look like new.  Again, it is the underlying quality of a home’s features versus the style or cosmetic features you should consider. 


Do not be swayed by a beautiful paint job. Although, a freshly painted bright room is immediately appealing, walls may be marked up in a few months. Paint does not really add significant value to the property and you can get a brand-new coat in you choice of color at minimum cost. 

So, when buying a home, some factors to consider would be major items. Such as the roof, HVAC, patios, pools, electrical and plumbing. Evaluate and rate the home in terms of it benefits rather than its features.

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