With a New Year comes new opportunites to leave the past stresses behind and start fresh. For homeowners who are resolving to bring more peace and tranquility into their lives, experts say an at-home space dedicated to meditation or relaxation can work wonders!!!

Whether it’s a designated shed in the backyard or a set corner of a spare bedroom, a de-stressing space can be a welcoming retreat. And, just a reminder, it is not only OK to let go of that stress but it is important to let go of stress.

Opt for a secluded space, a huge house is not necessary to carve out a peaceful place, but ideally, the spot you pick should feature some degree of privacy. Spaces that are away from the most heavily trafficked areas are best for meditation. The whole idea is to know that the space is always ready to be enjoyed. That might mean identifying an upstairs bathroom as sometime off-limits to kids or other family members, or it might just mean sectioning off a guest room with a folding divider or clearing a roomy out-of-the-way closet for the task. If your space is outdoors, that same sense of secluded shelter or protection can feel comforting.

Keep it minimal. Any relaxation space needs at least a place to comfortable sit or lie down, though the pros say it is smart not to crowd it with much else. A cluttered space clutters the mind.

A simple cozy chair, floor cushion or collection of pillows can anchor the space. Elsewhere, keep distractions to a minimum, skipping mirrors, strenuous workout equipment, harsh lighting and colors, electronics and even family photos in a meditation space can steal focus from decompressing. Keeping the space tidy is also essential.

Experts agree the best destressing spaces incorporate details that engage multiple senses. Soothing sights like warm white or soft green or blue walls and natural or dimmed lighting set a relaxed tone. Sound considerations can either block out everyday noise or add auditory stimuli such as wind chimes, music or natural sounds like rain or running water. Candles or diffusers add pleasing scents. When it comes to touch, lean toward soft, natural materials and textures and a setup that offers some sense of movement, like a swing or rocking chair.

Connect with nature. The idea of forging a connection with nature stood out as and important pillar to a peaceful space. If possible, a space that allows you to be outside year-round comfortable or has access to the outdoors is ideal. The types of places can add to the relaxation factor with water features, greenery and other natural elements. If outside is not an option, even a view of nature makes a mental difference.

Make it uniquely calming. Beyond the general features that can make a room feel meditation-ready, thoughtful personalized touches may help homeowners let go even further. We always are more relaxed when we feel that our environments reflect us. Tapping into those customized design choices may even give the designated space an added layer of meaning.

Ultimately, a meditation or relaxation space should embody the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere that feel most relaxing to you.

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