Homeowners Are Ready for a Change in Their Master Baths

Priorities are style, lighting, resale value and ease of cleaning. According to studies, master bathrooms are the more popular spaces to remodel in a home. 

The most common reason homeowners are renovating their master bathrooms is that they just can’t stand the old ones anymore. And, in the new master bathroom, homeowners who are remodeling tend to want style, good lighting, resale value and ease of cleaning. 

37% of homeowners who are updating their master bathrooms could no longer stand the old bathrooms, the study finds.  The second most common reason for renovating a master bathroom is wanting to do it all along and finally having the means. And, notably, the third most common reason is wanting to personalize a recently purchased home. 

The median national spending level of homeowners remodeling a master bath of any size is average $7,000. That spending level is second only to that for kitchens, which have an average of $11,000. Keep in mind that the median describes the middle in the range of spending levels. Of course, master bathroom remodeling costs vary quite widely, depending on the size of the room and the work being done.  The majority of homeowners are tackling master bathroom remodels in which they are replacing at least the vanity or cabinets, countertops and toilets. Many are making sweeping changes to their spaces. Most homeowners who are remodeling their master bathrooms are also updating flooring, light fixtures, showers and countertops. 

Among homeowners choosing to upgrade their master bathrooms, nearly half are also remodeling their master bedrooms.  The majority of those upgrading master bedrooms are maintaining the same or complementary styles as the renovated master bathrooms – which makes sense, as these two spaces flow closely together.

Homeowners, have on average, tackled three rooms at a time in their remodel projects. Given that most master bathrooms are accessed through the master bedroom, it makes sense to remodel the bedroom at the same time.  Since homeowners may move out of their bedrooms temporarily to avoid construction dust and debris from a bathroom remodel, these homeowner might as well upgrade the bedroom while they are at it. 

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