Rancho Cucamonga Homes for Sale

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Rancho Cucamonga Homes for Sale

Rancho Cucamonga is the one of the Best Cities to live in the Inland Empire!

Rancho Cucamonga is the one of the Best Cities to live in the Inland Empire!  Rancho Cucamonga is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the Inland Empire and remains one of the safest cities in the country as well as a desirable place to live and work.   With over 20 parks and community facilities and having a highly rated school district, Rancho Cucamonga has much to offer its residents.  Businesses too are finding Rancho Cucamonga a great place to call their home. The city’s proximity to major transportation hubs, airports and highways has attracted the business of several of the nation’s largest corporations.  Rancho Cucamonga is an afluent city situated at the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains in the county of San Bernardino. Its climate is classified as warm Mediterranean.    It is located approx 37 miles east of Los Angeles.  Most of the city’s land area is devoted to residential homes, Rancho Cucamonga, like its neighbors, Ontario and Fontana, is a major center for the logistics industry.  Rancho Cucamonga has multiple public K-12 schools, operating under several different school districts.  Rancho Cucamonga is also home to Chaffey College and private school Upland Christian Academy.


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