Great news! You don’t have to sell your home first, to buy your next!

At William Lim Group, we are SO EXCITED to announce our newest program called ‘Apex Concierge.’ This excellent program lets you have your equity paid to you upfront in CASH, even before you sell your home, so you can make non-contingent offers on your next home to purchase.

In today’s competitive market making a contingent offer doesn’t make any sense to win the house. This awesome program allows you to keep all your upside right in your pocket, not in iBuyer’s pocket.

Some homeowners choose to sell their homes to iBuyers just thinking about cash offers they will receive and maybe an illusion of quick and easy transaction. But there is something iBuyers don’t want you to know, iBuyers will only offer you 80% or less of the market value, and they will flip for their own profit, not yours.

That is right; after all closing costs, you are letting go of 12% or more of what you could’ve netted more. That’s $70,000 more you could’ve earned with our EXCITING ‘APEX CONCIERGE PROGRAM’ for median price homes in Rancho Cucamonga today.

If you’d like to get more information about our ‘APEX Concierge’ program, call us at 909-239-2006 or DM us today.